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Instagram – How to grow your profile in 7 steps

Instagram: Comment, Likes, Post and Follow

Of course, this does not need to be done in this order. Nevertheless, commenting and liking others are as important as the content that you share on Instagram.

The more energy you need to evaluate and comment on your photos and videos, the more interactive conversations you have, the more people want to connect to you through your Instagram account.

Just look for accounts and people who have their hobbies, and start loving and commenting on their promotions. The user you love and comment on will not only see your account, but many of your subscribers will also notice your funny comments, and then they will find your account.

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Use photos and videos

Now that Instagram allows users to publish videos, sharing your videos is a powerful way to share your story and generate more traffic when you expand your account.

Blending videos with your photos is a fantastic way to add value to your account. Generally, videos generate more „buzz“ and are easier to distribute and distribute than common image sharing. It’s really a valuable tool to tell your story in a fun, engaging and emotional way that people like to share. You can create your own videos or find help when creating new video content.

Perhaps you have an amateur video operator in your office or in your company, which will help you create new videos! When you offer a service or a product, you try to get your customers to create their own videos, and then you can share very valuable video content without creating it yourself.

There are many ways to get video content, so do not let your own booth add extra value to your Instagram account by mixing videos with your photos.

Be creative with Bio

If you use Instagram for personal use, you can still have fun and create your own biography. If you have a page on Facebook, you can refer to your favorite photo.

Or link to other sites that you like right now. Using Instagram for business purposes gives you even more possibilities for creative work with Bio-Link. If you are selling a product or service, you want to get more from your Bio-Link. You can send a link to specific landing pages at a certain time, depending on your latest service or product.

Ideally, it’s best to track traffic through your Bio-Link to see which stocks or messages generate the most clicks on your link and page. You also need to plan in advance your most valuable contribution and accordingly change your biological link. This is a great way to promote your new services or products, to collect valuable leads or even subscribers to your blog or newsletter.

Monitor traffic & Report stats

If you use Instagram for marketing purposes, it is very important to track traffic from Instagram. You want to know how well your Instagram account generates leaders and traffic, so you can make the necessary adjustments or maintain the same trend for your stocks.

Over time, you will probably find out which images or videos generate the most traffic for you, so you can focus on these types of stocks. You can use your own shortened URL or a more advanced reporting tool to track overtime traffic when publishing shares.

Crop photos

If you edit and crop your photos, you will get a nice touch before you share. Your photo is your story. If you want to share it with others, cut and edit the image as the best way to tell your story. Simple cropping allows you to edit what you do not need in the photo before publishing them.

You can use the tools on your smartphone, crop an Instagram or any other tool that you prefer. It’s not difficult to learn some basic skills of Photoshop, which are very easy to work with when editing images that you want to publish. In seconds, you can change 100 photo settings or add unique filters to update and highlight your photos.

If you add this stroke, your photos will be more liked and shared than just posting undiscovered or unedited photos.

Highlight the most valuable content

It is very likely that all your shares on Instagram will generate the most traffic or „noise“, and in these promotions you want to send visitors to the most valuable content. Maybe you have a well-known page of the website or a blog post that you want to show to new visitors?

Or do you advertise a new service and want new visitors to see this service? You can highlight the most valuable content in many ways. Just use Bio-Link – a quick and direct method. You can also insert text or image from your general image or video to highlight the most valuable content.

When other users comment on your promotions, this is an excellent opportunity to share with you the most valuable content and other visitors. If you have content that, as you know, can add value to most of your subscribers, you can even send them a direct message that mentions your content.

Tell your story

Ensuring that your individual photos and videos tell a story is just as important that all your content flow tell a story that visitors should experience. When visitors quickly see your photos or view your content, you want to be sure that you are happy with the history of your shares and the history of your account.

For most visitors, it takes only a few seconds to decide if they are interested in your history and your account. Make it interesting, interactive, beautiful, emotional and aimed at a certain degree of cohesion, so that you will have a problem with your client reporting topic.

The faster your visitors receive your story, the faster they click the „Follow“ button to keep track of your account. Of course, we all or most of the companies have different interests, but keeping your shares in line with your history will make your account grow faster. So do not forget to express your story and be careful to maintain consistency when sharing.


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