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How to Set Up Google Search Console

How to Set Up Google Search Console correctly

How to Set Up Google Search Console

Google search console is an essential element, in fact, it is a must-have aspect for any online business owner who wishes to have his/her website ranked top by the search engines. This will in return help in increasing traffic to the site. What is Google Search Console you ask? It can be termed as a free service that Google offers the users to assist them in monitoring and maintaining an active website presence in the search engines. Although you do not need to sign up for your site to be in the search results, it is essential in optimizing your site’s performance in the search engines.

How do set up a Google search console?

You need to have an account on Google first. How do you do so? Go to to connect your site to the Google Webmaster tools. Once you are on the site, sign in to your Google account and a button will appear asking you to add a property. Click on the button and then add the complete website URL that you wish to add. Click ‘continue,‘ and then verify your site.

Submit your XML sitemap

The next step is submitting your XML sitemap, but then, you need to create one first. There are various ways to do so based on the tools you use on your site. For example, if your site uses WordPress, you can use YOAST Plugins to generate the XML sitemap. What if you do not use WordPress? There are other tools for you and to use them, you have to upload them from your site roots and after creating the sitemaps on your website, go to the Google Search console, click on the sitemaps section and the click, ‘Add your sitemap.‘

For the Google search console to be effective, it has to fulfill some elements. Some of the essential features of this aspect include;

  • Search analytics Report
  • Data highlighter
  • HTML improvement tools
  • Crawl errors
  • Sitemaps and Robot.txt tester
  • Fetch as Google

Ensure that you have loaded all these features before you can start your search marketing. It helps in analyzing your site’s search traffic and enhance search appearance.


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